Rangeen Arts Exposé

This exhibition was a stunning success, and in no small part due to all the amazing people who helped out with it. Special thanks to Sweety Saradha Arts and the volunteers from Expressions Arts. Not to mention our family and friends who took care of everything from setup to photography. Read more…

Ignite Art Expo 2022

Participated in Ignite Art Expo 2022 held by Sweety Saradha Arts https://www.facebook.com/sweetysaradha.arts/posts/pfbid0xiyPYQny8bDBs8iWNLASwiYcfCVpGsR4Cd3mbE9pcZq9jCtDD6xj8577jZ9pTox4l https://www.facebook.com/sweetysaradha/posts/pfbid025WtoKS83kvL7DXhe55SCjdQh5vggyDw6XuxsrTmK7ZgeEMHyVpxVNMzcFFdYxDbil